Meet the Craft Supply America Team


Our Cast of Characters

In the previous post we shared a little about the Craft Supply America vision. Today we would like the opportunity to introduce you to two of the most fantastic humans on the face of the earth. Yes, we are totally biased as their parents, but also absolutely justified because they are indeed remarkable. [side note: because we are new to this whole arena of blog and website, we will not use their actual names. If you are a parent, then enough said, you understand. If you are not a parent and think us as over-protective as mamma and pappa bear, well...yes, yes we are.]

The Lovely H.

H is our head graphic designer and copy editor at Craft Supply America. I often call her "Eyes" because she sees the finest details and can identify any needed adjustments almost instantly. She is 16 and every bit a vibrant soul. She enjoys playing all sorts of classical music on her violin, although she has a particular affinity for Bach.

After high school H hopes to continue her education through the study veterinary care, and aspires to one day be a vet tech.

H is an aspiring artist, acrylic paints are her medium of choice, and she also greatly enjoys jewlery making. Any charms, beads, or paintable blanks featured on Craft Supply America are favorites of The Lovely H.

The Enigmatic I.

I is our marketing manager and lead writer at Craft Supply America. He is 15 and the embodiment the old saying "still waters run deep." He enjoys video games as a pass-time and is an adept chess player. 

Ultimately, I aims to become an energy trader, and to that end plans to study electrical engineering and finance after high school.

The chess and/or wand customization items listed are sure to be the brainchild of I. As will be any Nordic mythology and snake related items. His style is genuine, distinct, and trustworthy, just like I himself.


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