The Craft Supply America Blog

Seriously...another craft blog!?!

Absolutely! There is room for all at the crafting table. So, pull up a chair, a stool, or feel free to stand if you like, and let's get crafting.

What to Expect

We enjoy getting our hands into things around here. Over the years we have collectively: crocheted, knitt, sewn, embroidered, cross stitched, sketched, folded, painted, whittled, carved, cut, stamped, baked, beaded, sculpted, and molded...and probably a few more that escape me at the moment. So if you are following along on the Craft Supply America blog, expect it all!

On the blog you are sure to find:

  •  original recipes and patterns of all kinds
  •  ideas for crafts with kids, and for the "kid at heart"
  •  tips, tricks, tutorials, and how-to's
  •  updates on products we are developing for the shop
  •  design inspiration/suggestions for using the items from the shop

What NOT to Expect

Perfection. If you came here looking for perfection, I am sorry to disappoint you, but this ain't your stop.

We are people. Flawed and prone to error, we won't pretend we've totally got our "craft" together if you won't [wink].

I was taught as a child, "no one lives long enough to make every mistake for himself, so learn from the mistakes of others." This advice has served me well over the years, and I hope it might be helpful to you as well.

Hopefully, we will have mostly successes to share with you, and provide you plenty of tips, tricks, and truths to help you succeed. But in the event of an epic fail on our part, we will happily share WHY it failed, what we did wrong, and how to either fix it...or prevent it from happening to you.

No one wants to invest their hard-earned money into supplies, only to end up with a hot mess on their hands. We will gladly share our missteps and mistakes if it means saving you a buck or two, not to mention hours of frustration.

So come along with Craft Supply America, and let's get our "craft" together.

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