• I Finally Did It!!!!

    Some time ago, as the family enjoyed streaming a popular knife/sword making competition show, I sat as I usually do, knitting away. Occasionally it would come up that so-and-so is a “Master Blade Smith” or a “Master Farrier,” so my kids wanted to know, is there such thing as a Master Knitter?
  • The Craft Supply America Blog

    Seriously...another craft blog!?!

    Absolutely! There is room for all at the crafting table. So pull up a chair, a stool, or feel free to stand if you like, and let's get our "craft" together!
  • Meet the Craft Supply America Team

    In the previous post we shared a little about the Craft Supply America vision. Today we would like the opportunity to introduce you to two of the most fantastic humans on the face of the earth.
  • What is Craft Supply America

    Craft Supply America is a family endeavor to make crafting accessible for others.
    Whether you are diving into a whole new craft, just want to make a fun project with the kids, or are organizing a crafting event, we have got you covered.