I Finally Did It!!!!


The Inception of an Idea 

Some time ago, as the family enjoyed streaming a popular knife/sword making competition show, I sat as I usually do, knitting away. Occasionally it would come up that so-and-so is a “Master Blade Smith” or a “Master Farrier,” so my kids wanted to know, is there such thing as a Master Knitter? And so it began…

The Vortex Begins

I had to be honest with the kids, I had no idea if there was such thing as a Master Knitter or not, BUT given it is a craft, like shoeing horses or making knives, I responded that there was a good chance it was “a thing.” But I couldn’t get their question out of my head, I had to know, so I did what any parent does when they are asked a question that they don’t know the answer to…I pulled out my phone and googled it. 

Yes, indeed folks, there are in fact Masters in the knitting craft. Through The Knitting Guild Association, one can in fact earn the distinction of Certified Master Hand Knitter (https://tkga.org/certification/master-hand-knitting/). I was delighted to delve into reading about the program with its requirements, time limits, and review process. I found every bit simply fascinating! But I was astonished to find out that there are only about 350 people worldwide that hold the title of Certified Master Hand Knitter. With the booming popularity of knitting in the last two decades, I was certain that number would have been significantly higher. I then began to wonder if the reason for the seemingly limited number is a result of, like myself, a lack of awareness, or if perhaps the program was so stringent that few could manage to successfully complete it?

The more I dug into reading about the program, following people participating in it, and listening to those who had successfully completed it, the more I wanted to try it myself. Month after month the timing just didn’t seem right, things were too busy and my plate already seemed too full…and yet every evening I would unwind from a day by knitting and chatting with Scott, and inevitably the conversation would turn to something, or someone related to the program.

Spurred to Action


So, this week was the week. I joined the Guild, enrolled in the Master Hand Knitting Program Level 1, and jumped in with both feet by devouring the instructions and beginning my research. Let me say, I do not expect this to be easy, in fact I know it won’t be and I relish that. I want to be challenged, grow and learn new techniques I never would have tried on my own, and I welcome the evaluation and review of my work by people who know more about knitting that I could possibly imagine.  

I am completely chuffed to begin this arduous journey and share it with any of you who are interested. To that end, I thought I would post updates from time to time on the blog, maybe sharing with you great tools I have discovered, techniques I am learning, and intriguing nuggets of information I run across. Perhaps you have considered the program yourself but want to know more about what to expect before committing to it, or maybe like myself, you find textiles and craftsmen of all kinds riveting, and you just want to know more, I’ll do my best to shed light on the wide world of knitting and fiber.   

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